More Power, Less Lag – MAP EVO 4-9 Turbos

Mitsubishi EVO MAP Performance Turbo EF3

Turbocharged cars are great right? I mean it doesn’t take much more than a slight boost increase to see a decent gain in power. When you want more than the factory turbo can provide, what do you do though? For most enthusiasts this leads them to a confusing world of aftermarket turbos, manifolds and wastegates. What parts work with which turbo? What size wastegate will you need? Can you keep the aircon? How much power will it make? How much will it cost? Often there are no easy answers to a lot of these questions.

MAP Performance have come to the rescue, offering a range of turbo options for anyone who owns a Mitsubishi EVO 4-9. What sets the MAP EF-Series turbos apart is that they are based on a stock-frame turbo. This means that they physically look the same as the factory turbocharger and they are compatible with all of the factory hardware – Manifold, intake, intercooler plumbing and exhaust dump. Best of all they are supplied with a large internal wastegate – No need for expensive and complicated external wastegate anymore!

MAP EF3 Turbo Charger

While they might look stock, their performance is anything but. Thanks to MAP’s billet compressor wheels, larger turbine wheels and bespoke housings, the EF2, EF3, and EF4 turbos are able to support 450, 550 or 650 whp respectively. That is a lot of power from a stock-appearing turbo and should be enough to put a smile on even the most hardened enthusiast.

MAP EF3 Turbo Charger

MAP EF3 Turbo Charger

We recently had the chance to test a MAP EF3 on a customer’s EVO 8 and I really wanted to share the results. Fitting the turbo was a dream with every part required for the job included in the fitting kit. MAP even supplied a remote oil feed assembly to provide a higher volume of oil to the turbo (essential when running very high boost).  Once the install is complete, it would take a well-trained eye to tell that the turbo had been changed.

Onto the dyno, the difference was amazing! While we were expecting to lose some low down boost response, I was blown away with how responsive the EF3 was, only coming in around 400 rpm later than stock. At the other end of the rev range the larger turbo really came into its own, offering a massive gain of 64.3 kW atw – 288.8 kW atw total! Since we kept boost to a maximum of 24 psi, more power would be as easy as increasing the boost. Don’t take my word for it though, check out the dyno sheets.

MAP Performance Boost Dyno Sheet Mitsubishi EVO

MAP Performance Power Dyno Sheet Mitsubishi EVO

If you are in the market for an upgraded turbo for your EVO 4-9 and don’t want the expense and hassle of custom manifolds, external wastegates and fabrication then this is the answer you have been looking for. We are stoked to be supplying the MAP turbos to the NZ market and are confident in saying that they are the best and most cost effective turbo option available for these cars.

Now we just need to wait for the EF4 to land so we can see what this bad boy can do! Stay tuned for more results.

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