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D1NZ Rd 1 2015

Drifting, it is a strange sort of sport resting somewhere between traditional racing and some sort of judged automotive ballet, well that’s my opinion anyway.  Love it or hate it you still get drawn in by the brightly designed livery, the sounds of either a Japanese turbocharged engine or American V8 and the smell and sights of the copious amounts of smoke pouring off the back of these vehicles.


Now I have been a bit of a fan of drifting for a long time and really enjoyed the early (and somewhat less organised shall we say) days with the likes of Justin Rood, and JT throwing around (insert here any one of the late eighties/early nighties Nissan four doors) where there wasn’t really any kind of prize and a good time was had by all.

Somewhere over the last 15 or so years D1NZ somewhat lost my interest as they (and again in my opinion) seemed to be awkwardly somewhere between a well polished professional event and a grass roots laid back event which from a spectators point of view wasn’t ideal as I was paying for the price for a good show however usually left feeling like something was missing.  Instead I had taken to following the big show which is of course Formula D from the US.

To be honest on the morning of the 28th of November I made the trip from Wellington to the “roaring metropolis” of Fielding not letting myself get too excited so I wouldn’t be disappointed on the way home.  I had made a mistake, I should of got excited as D1NZ was about to prove my pessimistic thoughts were drastically wrong.

I was greeted at the gate by a mass of people, sponsors signage and things were looking up.  Heading through the gates I was then met by the team from Speedmagnet who had set up their Hardpark event in the main carpark area which made a great addition to the event.  Demon Energy had really jumped on board with great vigor this year and you were constantly being approached by skin tight lycra wearing promo girls giving you some of the sponsors product, oh it is a hard life.  The actual drifting started on time and then ran somewhat seamlessly throughout the day with the only stop being lunch at which time they opened the pits, had drivers signing posters etc and had a team of FMX riders set up in the middle of the pits performing stunts for the awaiting public.

D1NZ have really stepped up their game for the 2015/16 season and I for one am pretty excited.  Don’t take my word for it, check out the gallery below and if you do one thing over the summer make sure it is getting to one of the rounds running throughout the country.

Troy & Ben from Team Jenkins Motorsport were there for Round 1.  They started the season with some promising results and the cars were running trouble free adding to confidence for the team moving forward.


Some chose a new look for their cars, some carried out some intense rebuilds over the off season and some well they just came with a new car.  Daynom Templeman brought his fresh 2JZ powered E46 BMW.



Team Jenkins Motorsport X STM

Purpose built drift cars are not something you just have roll through most workshops every day.  So when the opportunity came up to head down to STM and catch up with the team from Team Jenkins Motorsport while their cars were being tuned I jumped at the chance.  STM had come on board to sponsor TJM for the 2015/16 season assisting with engine building and tuning which were actually both performed by Chris.  Now Chris is known for his work on the Dyno however not many will know he has skills in the engine room as well.

Troy’s S15 was a serious piece of kit.  Starting with the STM built RB30 engine, consisting of Wiseco Pistons, Eagle rods etc, the car was then sent to Sinco Customs to have the custom fabrication completed to accommodate the GTX3582R turbo.  A quick look over the car will also reveal a set of Injector Dynamics ID2000 injectors, twin Bosch fuel pumps and a Link G4 ECU – this car was built for big numbers.  A keen eye will also spot the addition of NOS which is now allowed due to a change in the D1NZ rulebook.  Running on a healthy dose of E85 (and after running the engine in) it laid down an impressive 526w atw without the aid of NOS.  Due to the fact the tune went so smoothly and the car performed beyond expectation it was deemed that NOS could be thrown in the mix at a latter date should it be required.

Ben’s S13 was a totally different beast however, still retained the same feel as Troy’s.  Parts list for the engine include JE Pistons, Molnar rods and Kelford Cams just to name a few.  Once the engine was fitted, it was back on the trailer and the team were making the trip down to Wellington again.  Utilising a single Bosch fuel pump, 800cc Sard Injectors, Garrett GTX3071, Link G4+ ECU and running on 98 Octane fuel we were tuning a completely different setup.  Again after the obligatory run in period it was time for Chris to get to work on the Tune.  After some small issues with a fuel pump the team managed an impressive 340kw atw.  This gave Ben an extra 60kw over the previous set up.

I was thoroughly impressed by both vehicles and found that besides what the media will tell you about drifters the Jenkin’s boys are bloody good bastards too.  Check out the galleries below for a pictorial tour of both visits and remember to get to the track over the summer to catch both Troy and Ben in action at D1NZ.

Troy’s S15

Ben’s S13

What does 520w atw look like?

We have all seen high horsepower EVO builds in the past however Regan’s has always been something a little bit special.  What he and a few dedicated friends and family achieved has not only ticked the box of “high horsepower” but this one is the reason to the phrase “built not brought”.

IMG_2908 copy 2

Regan first came to being a customer after a conversation about building a forged bottom end for his EVO build.  At the time we stocked STM forged EVO bottom ends and before long, Regan had his engine complete and in place ready for the final touches before the tune.

A period of time passed and Regan called to book in for his tune.  He also mentioned a certain goal to run a 10 second pass, fully street legal and with street tyres in the car built 90% by himself at home in the garage. This was something we had to see.

Upon arrival we were not disappointed. The first thing to catch our eye was the attention to detail, no bolt had gone unpolished and no bracket unpainted.  Just to show that he was sticking to the rule of “built in the garage” he also had fabricated the exhaust manifold to carry the Garrett GT3582 turbo.

Fitted out with an STM Forged Short Block, Garrett GT3582, Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors and a set of Kelford 272 degree cams this impressive package pushed out 380kw on pump gas at a respectable 26 psi.  Not bad for a garage build right!!!

Over the next few seasons Regan managed a few high 10 second passes and a PB of 10.6 before an unfortunate miss shift combined with an over rev compromised the motor. This was just fuel on the fire for Regan who decided to push further with the evolution (excuse the pun) of this build.

With a new engine package underway attention went to upgrading some supporting modifications. ID2000cc , Kelford 280 Cams and a twin Bosch 044 fuel pump setup were  installed in anticipation of running some E85 in the near future.  Back on the dyno it went.  Perseverance paid off and when Chris had completed the tune Regan’s EVO was putting out 411kw on 26 psi on 98 Octane and a massive 520kw on 32 psi running E85.

In a car weighing not much over a tonne and now fitted with a PPG Dog Box we’re sure this is going to give Regan the ability to run deep into the 10s or is there a 9 lurking in the future?

This seems to have sparked some sibling rivalry and his brother Thomas is hot on his heals with his STM tuned 400kw+ on pump EVO. Maybe time for some E85 Thomas?

STM/Racetech Customer Track Day – May 2015

DSC_0132Our STM/Racetech Customer Track Days have been a regular on our calendar for some years now.  We organised these as a way for our customers to get out in a controlled environment to test their cars in a legal fashion whilst gaining some great experience behind the wheel and in some cases making some new friends along the way.  We have always enjoyed these days and hope that all that attend do as well.

The last day, held late in May, was no different even though the conditions were less than favourable.

We will be taking a break from these over the winter months however do not fear as they will return later in the year.  In the meantime check out the gallery below to see what you have been missing.