STM/Racetech Customer Track Day – May 2015

DSC_0132Our STM/Racetech Customer Track Days have been a regular on our calendar for some years now.  We organised these as a way for our customers to get out in a controlled environment to test their cars in a legal fashion whilst gaining some great experience behind the wheel and in some cases making some new friends along the way.  We have always enjoyed these days and hope that all that attend do as well.

The last day, held late in May, was no different even though the conditions were less than favourable.

We will be taking a break from these over the winter months however do not fear as they will return later in the year.  In the meantime check out the gallery below to see what you have been missing.

Nice Work Welly: Hardpark 2015

With the absence of an organised “Hardpark” event scheduled for 2015 by the team from NZPC the Wellington region was feeling a bit of a void in the events calendar.  There was however a few dedicated people within the Welly scene that didn’t want to sit back and complain about the missing event, they took the matter into their own hands.  A few Facebook posts were thrown around and before you knew it #Hardpark2015 was born.  Momentum grew and the Hardpark Organisation Team (H.O.T) was formed.

What this dedicated team managed to organise was nothing short of epic.  As I walked over the hill into the Riverbank Carpark in Lower Hutt a sly grin grew over my face.  I was greeted by hundreds of cars all laid out an organised fashion so I, the viewing public, had a better chance of soaking it all in.  This coupled with catching up with mates and meeting some new ones made for a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

So “hats off” to the team behind the event, the general Wellington car scene and those that travelled to the event for putting on one hell of a meet.  I personally look forward to #Hardpark2016 which has promised to be bigger and better.  In the meantime though check out the gallery from the event:

PS.  If you see your car here and want an un-wartermarked copy of the image get in touch with us on and we will do our best to get them to you.

4 & Rotary Jamboree 2015


For anyone within the industry of running, competing or displaying at cars shows there is a lot more to the event then just the hours between gates open to gates closed.

Being that over the last few years I have generally been involved with the show I know that the day before usually means a long day, usually lifting stuff, driving for a couple of hours and then, just for good measure, drinking a reasonable amount whilst catching up with friends.  When you get woken up at some ridiculous hour in the morning feeling tired and slighty hung over you then get to go to the event and set up.  The shows have always been something I have enjoyed though even with having to juggle cars in and out of the dyno comps.  The issue is at the end of the day you then have lift stuff, drive for a couple of hours, lift more stuff, then go home for some well deserved sleep feeling happy that the weekend went well.


This year for me was something a little bit different.  Being that I no longer had to work that day I could walk through the gates whatever time it suited me and also leave whenever I please.  Also I was happy that the heaviest thing I was going to lift that day was my bag.

Getting to Feilding I was excited. I have always enjoyed this day due to the different disciplines rolled into one to give a unique event within our scene.  Rolling in at a leisurely 11:00am I found the place alive with people, cars, smoke, and a lot of noise coming from both the burnout pad and the track. With a quick look around I was suitably impressed with some of the hardware out on the track including our own Project 86 there to compete in Super Lap.


After that a visit to the show hall was in order.  Now we all know that car shows have changed over the years and instead of walking through the doors and be bombarded by a sea of crazy paint jobs, loud sound systems, lighting and all the things a “show car” traditionally had you are now greeted by a more sedate scene.  I am not saying one is better than the other however, the kind of cars that have every aspect of the vehicle modified in order to meet judging criteria are few and far between these days.  Instead we have a fair number of cars that are modified in such a way that you are not going to cringe every time you drive the thing as you don’t want to destroy your big $$ paint job.  In the same respect don’t get me wrong the cars on show have obviously had many a hard-earned dollar spent on them it is just interesting to see the evolution over the years of what kind of cars attend.


With that said there is still a thriving car culture here in New Zealand and pretty much all common car manufacturer were represented and just like the icing on the cake both old school rides and some later model hardware were in attendance.

It was also great to see a good number of car clubs in attendance with a special note to the Untamed Car Club who year in, year out turn out all the stops in regards to team spirit and car display.  Nice work guys!!!


Lastly a stop past the hill for a spot of drift spectating was on the agenda.  Parking up just in time for Cole Armstrong to put down some demo laps was great timing as he is never one not to impress and was beating on one poor set of tyres with a limited lifetime.  The rookie competition format for the Jamboree is an interesting one.  Being that the pros are not in attendance it is a good chance for the up and comers to shine.  I was a little bit torn with this one as the driving level and battling is not up to what you would see in a regular competition however it has that old school D1NZ feel which I love.

Now after catching most of what Jamboree had to offer I packed up my less than heavy bag and ventured home however not without a thought for the people who I know were there putting in the hard yards at the end of the day closing up and packing up.

End Of An Era

24681_410433849306_2164867_n1,000,000 kilowatts (or 1,340,000 hp if you’re a cave man).

Thats my conservative estimate of the power we’ve put across STM’s dyno over the 13 years it’s been in business. Couple that with no less than 5 world records and it’s safe to say its been a wild ride. Its delivered amazing highs and incredible lows.

I’ve learnt so much, made some incredible friendships, met some truly inspirational people and traveled to parts of the world I never thought I’d see. I’ve loved every moment of it and it’s made me a better person. But it’s time for a change.

243410_10150302531144307_7846658_oGiven this crazy ride, it’s hard to know where to start, and there is so much that really needs to be said. I make no apologies for the length of this blog post. If you’ve followed my career then I hope it gives some insight into the last 13 years and what makes me tick. If reading isn’t your thing then just check out the pretty pictures – they tell the story :) Otherwise grab a coffee (or a beer) and prepare to lose half an hour.

So the inevitable question – Why?

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C’s Garage Mid Season Wrap Up

Here at STM we are honoured to rub shoulders with and help out some of the best in the game.  One such opportunity presented itself late last year, to get on board with the C’s Garage team for the 2014/2015 season.  One of the bonuses of such a partnership is we are able to bring you updates straight from the point of view of the team themselves.

So sit back and enjoy a mid season wrap up from Joel:

Round 1

Adams new SR22 setup had issues right from the start down in Manfield due to a faulty crank sensor. He was forced to borrow Troy Jenkins S15, which is a car we have helped setup right from the start. He felt comfortable right from the start in the S15 and took out his top 32 battle no problems. Adam then went on to win his top 16, top 8 and top 4 battle. However, in the top 4 battle, both Adam and his opponent Andrew Redwood felt that they tied, and overuled the judges decision so that they could re-run the battle. Unfortunately Adam lost this second time round, but won his 3rd/4th place battle giving him his first D1NZ podium for the season!

As for me, the car went great all through practice in the rain. It dried up for Qualifying and without having a dry practice managed to qualify 2nd. First pass of my top 16 battle went great, I laid down a good run and the judges ruled the advantage 9-1 to me. As I took off for my chase pass, I felt a miss from the engine and pulled out of the run early (as instructed we could in briefing). As I pulled up to the line I explained the miss and was told I could proceed to pits to take my 5 minute time out. Headed to pits, found the cause of the miss, and lined back up. Only to be told they made a mistake and it was ruled that I lost the battle. Very frustrating start to the season. Adams podium was a great offset however.



Round 2

The first night round for the year at Mount Smart stadium gained the biggest crowd I can remember at a D1NZ event. With Pro-AM competition up first my car felt great again all through practice and I managed to take away the top spot in qualifying. All through battles the car went great and I was really enjoying the track. I took out my top 16, top 8 and the semi final to go through to the final. I came up against Joel Patterson in the final, a driver I really enjoy driving with. After a heated battle I took away the win. 1st in qualifying and 1st overall, a dream event for me.

Adams round 2 was struck with issues from the start. With the engine going great and the trigger wheel sorted, the clutch decided to randomly let go in practice. After two clutch swaps he was able to get 2 laps in of practice before qualifying. No where near enough to get a feel for the track, he qualified mid pack. His lack of time on the track was shown in the first battle and he didn’t make it through.

Since this round the clutch has been replaced and the gearbox uprated to a 4-speed Jerico unit to make a bullet proof setup for the rest of the season. Both cars are being driven at many practice days during out time off before round 3 to insure all faults are gone and we gain loads of seat time.



Round 3

At Tauranga D1NZ ran their first ever ‘Team Competition’ at the end of the 1st day. We had new addition to the team Graeme Smyth (Current NZ kart champion and Trass Family Motorsport driver) finally get his car vinyled to tie his car in with the C’s team:


We managed to take out 1st place in the team competition. An event that created a huge amount of exposure for us! With photos and videos still popping up all over the show from our team runs and the cars are even being used on the official D1NZ poster for round 4. We are excited to do it all again defending the title coming into the next round.


Individually, I qualified 3rd but was unfortunately knocked out after I made contact the the lead car on my chase. Adam had a great event, the car is going amazingly now and he drove strong all weekend. Qualifying in the top 10 and winning his first battle. After a re-run in his second battle he lost the second pass by what must have been only a point or 2 up against Kurt Whittaker, some of the best driving both Adam and the car has done so far this season, so we are looking forward to the next few rounds.

We are both looking good sitting around the top of the table points wise in both D1NZ & Pro-AM going into round 4. Adam sitting 9th/30, myself sitting 3rd/27.

So there it is.  Straight from the horses mouth, the reality of the ups and downs that is competitive motorsport.  We look forward to further updates as the season progresses.  In the meantime check out the photos the team have supplied courtesy of Maria Panova Photography and the team at S-Chassis: